Founded in 2011, Naysel Entertainment it's an audiovisual production company, and we focus mainly in letting the world know your ideas through the art of animation.


Your products, services, promotions, campaigns and projects communications... everything can be done through the originality of animation.


You will be able to get to your customers in the most visual and innovative forms through animated videos, real image+motion graphics or graphic design.


We also animate our own ideas. Beginning with our very first animated series called "Heavenly Hell", which can be seen on the VOD website, Filmin.

We create an animated adventure comedy called "The Fluffy Squad" an the animated english lessons for little humans "Botty".


We have high experience in the animated field and we adapt ourselves to big projects and we can easily make small projects have the same value and diffusion as the big ones.


Are you up for it?

The Naysel Entertainment team are: Víctor Gómez, Rubén Pérez and Óscar Pérez.

Empresa inscrita en el Regristro de Empresas Cinematográficas y Audiovisuales dependiente del Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales: sección: 1ª, Producción Cinematográfica, número: J-5587


Ganadora del II Certamen de Cortinillas Film Madrid "Anima tu Madrid".

Ganadora del I Certamen de Empresas Telefónica Flagship Store.

Ganadora del Premio Ciudad de Móstoles a los jóvenes emprendedores.